What engine does Sketchfab use to render the models?


(Mark A) #1

A teacher of mine asked about this as I was showing them Sketchfab, and, well, I'm wondering myself.

Is it using an established engine or is Sketchfab using its own thing in the 'player'?

Sorry if the question is completely malformed, but hopefully you know what I mean.

(Bart) #2

Hey @MarkA!

Our engine is built in-house. Parts of it are available as open source on http://osgjs.org/

Hope that helps!

(Thosxuca) #3


Does the Engine are real- time render engine using server processor? or the software itself are able to render the model without any other support plugin

(Mauricesvay) #4

The engine is entirely real-time, and doesn't require any plugin. It is using WebGL, which is standard technology built in all recent browsers.