What happens to our accounts, models, following and followers in FAB?

Hey guys, I just saw the announcement of FAB, it’s awesome and seems to be a great step towards making the definitive 3D store/platform/community!

But here’s a question that I couldn’t find an answer to: What happens to our accounts, models, following and followers once FAB launches?

The Sketchfab community has always been amazing, it’d be a shame to lose what we have here, and that includes not only the models, but comments, reviews, the artists I follow that always inspire me, collections, liked models, staff picks and, of course, my own followers.

Any info you guys can share on what’s planned? Thank you!


I am 99.9999999% sure that Epic has no intentions to mess with the community as bringing everyone together into a mega community seems like one of the main reasons for doing this merger in the first place. I am convinced Epic Games are dead serious in relation to their metaverse plans, and this move is a stroke of genius with that in mind. Utilizing the largest gaming community in history by enabling the use of UE to mod Fortnite will make UE the most used AND the best game engine in a short time. Mark my words! :slight_smile: