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What is the point of putting up non-downloadable 3D models?

(Talismancer) #1

I just arrived on Sketchfab and it's an exercise in frustration. Someone has scanned some ancient work of art and it's not downloadable. Someone produces a cool model and it's not downloadable. What's the point? If it's not downloadable why do you think ANYONE wants to see it? This site discourages innovation and encourages an "it's mine and nobody else's" won't compete with sites like Thingiverse without being open. No wonder your forums are empty.

(Shaderbytes) #2

"ANYONE" .. really? Are you thee spokesperson for all of mankind? I'm quite happy to look at art without having to own it, so are many other people. So are you only interested in looking at somebodies artwork if they are prepared to give it away to you for free?

(Dark Minaz) #3

yeah sure, i want that all my work that i spend hours of my time for go away as free download ..
Most download things are expected to be "learning purposes" anyway .. and you can see enough by looking at the wireframe and the matcap options here in sketchfab.

(Veyratom) #4

I did some nice modding for Unreal Tournament games and Skyrim.
Many people try to sell my work on second life.
And I am not sure you realize how many people steal the work
of others for their own gain.

And I am with @dark_minaz on this one.
Wireframe, mat cap or shader less modes are perfect for learning how a 3D model was made.
And thanks to that I learned a thing or two from other sketchfabers.
I don't need to download their models.

I think it is great that Sketchfab give us the choice for the downloading option.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

(Graft) #5

alert! alert! internet troll detected :laughing:

(Bart) #6

@talismancer you should think of Sketchfab as the 'Youtube of 3D' - lots of people enjoy the art without needing to download it, and many use our platform to embed their work elsewhere. In some cases, the artists are generous enough to give away their models. Consider that a bonus :smile:

If you're looking for downloadable content, we actually have an entire gallery dedicated to it. Enjoy!

(Danielz Uk) #7

I agree.

Who the hell wants to look at a 3d model, when you can view proper videos and photos on the internet??????? Im completely and utterly baffled by the pointless non downloadable models. Not even an option to pay to use either?


Watch your language and tone please. :sweat_smile:

There are plenty of reasons for looking at 3D models, including those listed above. Do you save to your hard drive every image and video you ever see online?

Mockups and previews for clients

Tutorials and education



(Skyeshark) #9

As a creator who sells on Second Life, I've contacted many other creators who post on sketchfab because people on SL are competing with me by SELLING stolen work!!! Do you not realize that many people actually make a living off selling their 3d art on marketplaces like Unity, Unreal, Turbosquid, Daz Studio and Second Life?! Giving away my stuff for free would literally just be handing it over to unscrupulous jerks on Second Life who will hand it out and tank my business or compete with me by selling my own stuff.