What is this black static on my animated model?

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Can someone look at my model here and tell me what the black static is on my animated doors? It looks like 2 polys are trying to occupy the same space, but I checked the model and that's not the case.

Animated China Hutch by adamcrockett on Sketchfab

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also, apparently I don't know how to embed my model into a post.


Embedding in forum: just copy/paste the model URL, no need for the full embed code. I just fixed this one for you :smile:

Black static: Are you talking about the real-time shadows? You can stop lights from casting shadows in the Lighting settings: https://sketchfab.com/models/47754c5c1fd14732a4679e24798ac27f/edit?tab=lighting

(Moroplogo) #4

Sometimes I see many black polys (with Default and Matcap shading and not with Shadeless ) , I post many screenshot :

(Adamcrockett) #5

Thanks for fixing my post! Your suggestion was solid, but it didn't work. I went through all the lights and turned shadows off, one by one, then all together, then used environment only, then lights only. No matter what I did the evil black static shadow appears on my animated doors.

(Adamcrockett) #6

yes! that's what I'm seeing, though it's more like noisy static on my screen. It totally seems like a lighting issue, but no matter what I do to the lights it's still there.

(Adamcrockett) #7

Ok I fixed it. Here's how: I noticed that the shading anomaly only happened when the doors were completely open,so I changed the animation so they didn't rotate a full 90 degrees and re-exported. I still don't know what was causing it, but it's gone now which is all I care about at this point.

(Moroplogo) #8

maybe , is it a problem with precision in your model and precision in calculation with javascript ???

(Adamcrockett) #9

Precise what In my model?

(Moroplogo) #10

The front of the doors consists of two triangles mesh (1 and 2 in the picture). So , maybe, these two triangles are not exactely in the same plane (when the software create mesh). And , maybe , in the code , there are several calculations that use mathematical expressions such as cos(90°) that are not quite equal to 0...


I couldn't reproduce on any of my browsers, but we'll keep digging.

Can you guys tell me exactly what browser version(s) and OS versions you're on?

(Moroplogo) #12

After @adamcrockett changed his animation, it is good for me. I use Firefox last version with Windows 7 sp1 and last version of chrome with android 4.3

(Paul Sketch) #13

Very much looking like z-figthing albeit the "shadeless" not showing it makes me wonder.
Would have loved to know the result of switching from "double face" to "single face" on that wood door, as front/back door panels looks awfully near each other.

( Cannot investigate now that the animation doesn't show it anymore, perhaps you could post it back as a second animation track so that I can check if it's not a bug? )

(Adamcrockett) #14

Well I can't seem to get it to do exactly what I was seeing before, @james @paul_sketch @moroplogo , but something is still there in the same polys. It looks like the normal map y is inverted when the door reaches the open position. Tried turning on/off the polygon backfacing but it didn't do anything.

China Hutch Animation/Shading bug by adamcrockett on Sketchfab

(Moroplogo) #15

Yes , this problem occurs between 00:64 / 00: 65 and 00:92 / 00:93

(Adamcrockett) #16

oops, forgot to share my os and browser.
Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 m
Windows 7 sp1


Weird, definitely looks like the normal map y is inverted during those frames.

(Paul Sketch) #18

Thanks a lot for the reproduction case, the bug is now fixed and should be in the next release.

Thanks again for the reproduction case, it really helps !

(Adamcrockett) #19

You're welcome! Glad I could help. What was the issue?

(Paul Sketch) #20

Should be fixed in production now.

@adamcrockett The animation code on normal transformations by the bones wasn't correct