What tutorials would you like to see on the Sketchfab Blog?

Hi everyone!

We’re in the process of reviewing educational content on the Sketchfab blog and we want to know what you would like to see more of.

Right now, our main educational content can be found in the tutorial section on the Blog and the ever useful Help Center.

Any and all comments are welcome, but here are some things to think about to get the conversation started:

  • What Sketchfab features do you want to learn more about?

  • What software would you like to learn more about?

  • What disciplines (3D scanning, sculpting, block modelling, voxels etc.) are you most interested in?

  • What format do you like best for tutorials? Video? Step by step guide? Help Center articles?

  • What are some great tutorials that you’ve used that you think would be useful to the Sketchfab community?

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I’ve seen a few tutorials that were unity related, some unreal stuff would be nice!

interesting - what sort of thing might you like to see?

moving 3D from Unreal > Sketchfab? or Sketchfab > Unreal?

Or something else? :slight_smile:

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Unreal to SF - I’d love to see a tutorial on how to get a UE scene that includes landscape, splines and foliage into sketchfab, if that’s possible!

Thanks - I’m sure we can find somebody to create something like this if it has been done!

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I watched this recently and found it a very accessible yet high level introduction to all kinds of 3D modelling:

My inclination is that, in general, beginner / simple tutorials are likely the most useful - thoughts?


Yeah, beginner tutorials like that are useful! Actually, in that realm – now that the store is officially launched, maybe some tutorials about getting assets from the store into whatever game engine people might be using (Unity/Unreal/Lumberyard/etc.) – so that people can quickly access a basic understanding about how to implement the models for their projects. I know that since I sell just raw assets and no engine packages, it would definitely be useful to anyone who buys my stuff.


Beginner courses are indeed useful. There will always be more beginners than experienced people around. I published a course on Udemy for beginners where in the end you upload a stylised (Blender) model to Sketchfab and set up a small scene. I can give you a free coupon @nebulousflynn if you want more info. Not posting a link here to prevent being a spammer :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that’s an interesting case - adding it to my list :slight_smile:

Thanks @lumpapps - I’d love to check your course out if you can DM me a coupon.

I am generally not opposed to the idea of promoting paid Sketchfab-specific tutorials but I think I’d need to think more about how that might work…

Newbie tutorials on textures, how to optimize, edit, what all the tips and tricks are?

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thanks @kagidusko - you mean for 3D scanning workflows?


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OK now let’s try this -

What is your favourite tutorial format?

  • Video
  • Step by Step Article (text + images)
  • Slide Presentation (text + images)
  • All of these!

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Although this is for offline cg work I found this guys two tutorials very well presented :

Good break down of various steps , little bit of detail about import aspects of those steps. Covers start to finish well

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I think some of the more advanced features of Sketchfab could use a bit more practical examples.
If you come from a game dev perspective you know about the base PBR features but afaik many of us didn’t have that many daily use-cases of Clear Coat and SSS to really know about the potential of the feature set.
Sketchfab’s usability is great so by tweaking some values you always get good results but I still sometimes feel like I don’t fully understand what I’m doing.
I’d love to see some tutorials like “SSS explained - Properly shading some leafs in the sunlight”, covering the start-to-finish workflow of this real-life use case.
Maybe with some in-depth examples of the texture maps used and an explanation of how they blend with the final result.
Similarly, Clear Coat looks awesome when you tweak it but it feels like I don’t fully grasp it’s possibilities, yet. There surely are many materials that could be a nice use case example to better understand the clear coat effect (car paint, industrial materials, nacre).

Expecially those two are features that I’d love to learn more about. There are others, like the additive blending mode in transparency that I feel aren’t fully used or well-known to the community, yet with lots of potential for special effects like flames or stylized lighting.

I’m sure there’s even more people wondered about how to use it properly. Any more you can think of? :slight_smile:


What software would you like to learn more about?
I’d like to see more done with sketchup + sketchfab interoperability since 80% of the creators i recommend sketchfab to are architects or interior designers who are almost exclusively using sketchup, and theres something about the way they export their files that gives them very bad results in sketchfab.

I’d also like to see more beginner to advanced level tutorials on how to use the sketchfab api for creating more customised experiences.

What format do you like best for tutorials? Video? Step by step guide? Help Center articles?
step by step used to be my fav when net speeds were a problem… heck i even did a bunch of instructables… but once net speeds improved i basically only look at video content now.

What are some great tutorials that you’ve used that you think would be useful to the Sketchfab community?
I know its pretty basic, but before i saw it on sketchfab, I had no clue about PBR

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Just bumping this to try and get some more responses to the poll :slight_smile:

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