When are we going to see a ARKit Sketchfab app or function?

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I am asking this because I love Sketchfab and see all the possibilities of ARKit that could make Sketchfab even better.

ARKit makes it possible to move around in VR. That alone would be awesome!

Keep up the good work and I hope to see an ARKit update soon!

(Bart) #2

Indeed! It should arrive in our next iOS app update very soon :wink:

(Discount Safari) #3

Great! Cant wait!

(3dmij) #4

Cool can’t wait to test it out

(Ads Kuser) #5

Same here! Can’t wait to see this in the app

This will be so awesome! Having my Architectural massing models on the table in AR will blow my clients away!!

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Thank you SketchFab! The new AR function is great! Yes there are some lag issues but every beginning has its hickups. Knowing SF, these will be tackled in the near future.

Next step: VR movement through ARKit!!! :wink:

(Tresdedos) #7

Great!! And now the next natural step is android AR. Right? is there any release around the corner? Can't wait to see more.

(Bart) #8

For completeness' sake, here's the link to the ARKit support announcement:

(Olivier Paragon) #10


Any news about AR on android?


(Bart) #11

We're working on it! We don't communicate planned release dates though, sorry.