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When I upload an object, all colors get can I avoid that?

(Chrisslemke) #1


I am a totally new at sketchfab and my problem is I guess rather simple. When I upload a file, all color gets lost and I just get the grey basic view.

F by on Sketchfab

Can anyone help me by telling me how I get the colors in my object as well?

Thank you



(Andy lewis) #2

Hey Chris,

If you made the same mistake I made some time ago, you've uploaded only the obj file and not the accompanying texture file. It really depends what kind of file you uploaded but I'd suggest zipping together all files from your scan and uploading the zip.

Where did the file come from and what format is it in?




(Chrisslemke) #3

thank you so much, you were right. I had to download a stl file & mesh package.

Now since I'm very inexperienced, I'd like to learn how to eliminate the of my model. I'm using 123d to create my models but the background is always there. Do you have an idea how I can eliminate that?



(Andy lewis) #4

Hi Chris,

No problem. You're welcome.

You'll find there are lots of packages to edit meshes. I usually use Meshlab - mainly because it's free. 😊

You could use Netfabb Basic too but the process Isnt quite so flexible and its a tad more involved

Best thing would be to take a look at the various tutorials on YouTube.




(Bart) #5

Thanks for your help @andylewis!

@chrisslemke I edited your message to fix the embed. Just edit to see how I did it smile

(Andy lewis) #6

NP @bartv. I was up late. smile

(Chrisslemke) #7

Thanks guys, as you can see I don'T really know what I'm doing.

My goal would be to get a very simple 3D model, let's say a shoe. What kind of software / process can you recommend? I'm not sure meshlab is right, or am I wrong. I looked into 123d but the app is rather unstable.

Can you recommend something?

Chris from Munich

(Andy lewis) #8

Hey Chris,

Yeah. Meshlab is really only useful once you already have a scan.

There's a wealth of useful information on this forum. Scroll down and take a good look. It's a gold mine.

To start with, this blog post would be a great place to start..



(Chrisslemke) #9

Just what I needed. Thank you so much. The thing is that I'm running a canyoning website and I'm always looking for new content I can create to serve my clients better. And 3D models could just be it!

(Andy lewis) #10

OMG! You canyoning guys are CRAZY!! LOL

So, you're gonna scan shoes???

(Chrisslemke) #11

Well, I partner with some websites that sell those shoes. And it's also a way of showing which shoes not to wear, because they're actually really bad... smile