When trying to add textures after uploading the objects fuse

(Ice Cream Yo) #1

So i was trying to upload my first model and I had this problem here.

The last image is how it shows in Blender, the model is dividied in 11 objects total.
The first image is how it shows when adding the texture of the face.
The second image shows that selecting anything that isn’t the legs selects all of them at once and the third image is selecting the legs.

I’m not sure if the model will show if i still don’t click on upload but here’s the link anyways: https://sketchfab.com/models/1aba5fe7140b43d087599f90e3e1ebc4



It looks like you don’t have any materials defined in the Blender scene. You’ll need to give each object a material with a unique name for them to be preserved on Sketchfab.

(Ice Cream Yo) #3

Thanks! That was the problem!
I got really confused because I found only the shoes had a material but it was called “Material” so I confused it with the folder for materials.
I reuploaded it and it works fine now, thank you.


Glad you got it working :slight_smile: