When uploading, how to get all textures with 0% Spec by default, instead of 100%


(Javierdl) #1

I find most of my textures are with no specularity, or very low. Some exceptions of course. Hence, ultimately much less time would be needed to manually edit the textures.



(Waleguene) #2

Hi @javierdl,

I think you are talking about the roughness factor that is not correctly set on Sketchfab ?
In fact, when you upload a .blend with some Cycle materials, Sketchfab will automaticaly switch to PBR renderer. The translation from Cycle materials to Sketchfab material is not straightforward, and this is not a 100% support.
In this support, we get a Roughness factor for our materials, that is actually the Roughness factor of the Blender Diffuse BSDF node of the material (if you use it). If there is no way to get a factor for the roughness, we set 20 by default (which makes the material a bit shiny).

If you are in the first case, you can do it within Blenderby changing the Roughness factor, if not, please note that we discussed about the default Roughness factor and we may change it in the near future.

I am not sure I answered your question, if it is the case, tell me :smile:

(Javierdl) #3

Hi waleguene,
Thanks for the info. It lead me to try controlling the Roughness in Blender instead, as you suggested. And after a test upload I confirmed that it's all in how I set up the materials in Blender :smile:
Thanks a lot waleguene :smile:

Update 02...

Basically what I did so far was using only one of the nodes (Glossy, Diffuse, and Mix Shader) at a time to control the roughness. In all the tests all the 3 nodes are present though, except for one test, where there is only the Diffuse node.
It is left to try 2 nodes at a time to control the roughness and see if that would make a difference.
But at least up until now, and as long as the Specular value in Sketchfab is at 100% by default, there's only so much that can be done with roughness in Blender :frowning:
So yes, it would be nice if there was a code/setting/or else that could be done/used to revert that default.



Actually, after doing a more accurate test, unfortunately the differences are very minimal. I'll try to further the test.
The objective of this test is to minimize the manual Material editing in Sketchfab.