When will native VR Apps be able to view our own models?

(Markatkohi) #1

Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere.

When are we going to be able to view our own models in the IOS and Android cardboard apps. NOT via web browser.

Web browser UI's are frustrating and as they are clipped with top and bottom menu bars etc and the performance seems a lot slower than the VR native Apps. My Imagination?



(Stephomi) #2

We don't plan on improving/adding models to the app.

As for performance, how did you compare (don't hesitate to paste link/example)?
It's mostly dependent of the model itself (and the model on the app have been hand-tweaked a lot for optimization) .

That being said, we are working on a native android/iOS app, but the 3D underlying engine will be the exact same one (think of a more mobile friendly experience/interface).
I believe the top/bottom menu bars only appears because there is no fullscreen on iOS, hopefully it's one of the thing that could be improved with the native app (@arthurjamain knows way more :))