Where are 3D edit tools on Drone Deploy model?


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Where are 3D edit tools on Drone Deploy model? I need to flip the axis.


You can't access 3D Settings on the Drone Deploy account, but if you download and upload the model to your own account, see: https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/203064198-Scene#general-orientation

We're actively talking to the guys at DD to better support users uploading to their own Sketchfab account directly.

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Thanks James.
1. I want to rotate it in Sketchfab.
2. I can't find the 3D controls or how to make them show up. There is no bar to the left I can use.
3. Can I do this under a free account?


Sorry, I'm not sure I understand. Can you send me a link to the model? If you click the help button "?" it will show you all the navigation controls.

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OK, the model comes out of Drone Deploy and into Sketchfab and it is vertical. I want it to be horizontal. You show your X Y Z rotation tools on the left. How do you get to those tools? How do you open the toolbar so they are visible on the left? I can't see anything that opens those tools so I can use them.

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Hi James
Have you already accomplished any improvements concerning 3D Settings? I'd like to add annotations to my 3D-maps created with DroneDeploy.


DroneDeploy doesn't have an option to upload to your own account because they have a pretty specific processing and upload workflow.

You should be able to download the OBJ + MTL + textures from your DD account and upload them to your own Sketchfab account.