Where are my subscriptions listed?


(Michaelsammler) #1

I mainly use the mobile website. I use it for art references in making comics. I am subscribed to a few collections, but am not sure where my subscriptions are listed. Is there a way to list those subscribed collections with my own collections I have made? Not sure if it is different on the pc version of the site.
Thanks for any tips.

(Chaitanyak) #2

good catch.. basically on phones when you tap the "collections" button it does show a menu that has two options -

("By them/you" and "subscribed" )
but neither appears to be clickable on touch screens.. and you wind up going to your own collections by default

for now try this -
to the end of your profile link

(Chaitanyak) #3

@mauricesvay @cedric please have a look


Ah, good point, thanks for the report.

(Michaelsammler) #6

Thanks everyone. I never even noticed that there was an option when i clicked COLLECTIONS on mobile cause it just goes to my collections so fast. Actually I did not notice it on pc either, so now I am happily subscribing to more collections.
Keep up the good work.