Where are the screen shots saved?

(Uncle808us) #1

I can not find the saved screen shot. Where is it located? Thanks

(Bart) #2

Hey @uncle808us,

the screenshot is the image that you see in our galleries. Clicking the 'take screenshot' button will update it and will also save the current camera position and orientation.

(Uncle808us) #3

So it stays on the site, you can't download it. Is that correct? Thanks

(Bart) #4

Yes that's correct, it's only used for the galleries. I don't think we ever considered adding a 'download screenshot' feature as most operating systems allow you to easily take one.


It's possible with the Viewer API: https://sketchfab.com/developers/viewer/screenshot

You could also access it from the models endpoint, but it's a bit of a hack.

e.g. https://api.sketchfab.com/v2/models/442c548d94744641ba279ae94b5f45ec - you can parse the JSON and find the thumbnail image at response.thumbnails.images[x].url

(Mu3d) #6

You might consider changing the name, as "screen shot" is commonly used for images that are moved to your computer. "New thumbnail" or "Re-set display view" or something more descriptive would help.

(Zachrywilsn) #7

I would also like a way to export the preview image of my models.
yes we can garb it with screen captures but not all are screens are HD.
An well you could allow a more high rez version of the model preview for
us to use. I also think if we had no background this should export as model
only and the background transparent on the exported image.
Thie feature would be more than amazing and would be amazing for you to consider.
I make timelapse of some of these models being made and would love to use this
idea for my thumbnails. (to make them look more professional.)

(Bart) #9

Try the screenshot tool in the Sketchfab Labs - it will let you render an image at any resolution and save it to your computer:


(Zachrywilsn) #10

just found that, :slight_smile: Amazing!

(Shamszeb) #11

This is really helpful.Thanks.. I would like to know more, is there anyway to capture camera moving as video just like we do as screenshot export..

(Bart) #12

You'll have to use screen recording software for that. I personally use Monosnap for, it's free Windows/OSX software.