Where do I find Microsoft Paint 3D content?

(Zurechtweiser) #1

I haven't seen any high quality content being created with Paint 3D. Where do I find it or is there none because Paint 3D is not being used by serious designers?

(Draconius) #2

If memory serves me correctly, Microsoft Paint 3D is a relatively new application that only came out this year. Compare that to the more widely used industry standard 3D programs being used now that have already been around for quite some time and are capable of much more and can be incorporated into a wide variety of pipelines. Not trying to rap on MS Paint 3D in any way... it seems like a very intuitive entry tool for getting familiar with the basics of 3D modeling and texturing.

As far as trying to find models made by them, you can always use the search bar, if anyone tagged it with such. I wouldn't presume to think Sketchfab made an exporter for this program, though.

(Zurechtweiser) #3

I find some content, but it is the lowest quality I have ever encountered. Do you think that you could create high quality content with it or is it doomed to be a toy?

(Draconius) #4

There are some very talented people out there. Have you SEEN some of the hyper-realistic art that people have made using only MS Paint? Don't allow your skills to be hindered by the capabilities of the program you're using. If you're bent on seeing some high-quality art from MS Paint 3D, it looks like you'll just have to learn it, practice it, and make it yourself! :wink:

(Zurechtweiser) #5

Have you SEEN some of the hyper-realistic art that people have made using only MS Paint?


Honestly, I wanted confirmation for my impression that the program is a toy for children. But a small part of me also wants to be impressed by great results.

(Dark Minaz) #6

all the images on google look like a doodle toy, i can't imagine it would generate a great topology or a usable workflow with other apps.

There are some vr paint tools that can be used in other apps like Medium (well after you retopo and bake it) in "non vr" i just can't see why you wouldn't just pick up sculptris / blender and learn to sculpt there :slight_smile: