Where do the models end up after being downloaded?


(Rybird) #1

Hello. I am just curious what happens to a model after it's downloaded? I mean I see some have been downloaded, but I have no idea who downloaded them and what for. They don't even leave a thank you for a comment. So I am wondering what can be done to keep up with my work? For all I know, they are taking the models and selling them on another site.
What I want to see happen is people make derivative works for their own personal use, say download a mushroom and make a mushroom farm out of many different mushroom downloads. I don't mind that, but for commercial use, which includes distributing them on sites that have ad revenue, even not directly selling them., or any activity involving the transfer of money, then I need to get paid for my work. What controls are in place for this and how can I continue to contribute without putting myself at risk. Also my textures are all rights reserved, as they are my 2d art. So the model is free for personal use, but not the artwork.
Thank you Ry

(Fongoose) #2

Hi @Rybird You can change the license type in model properties. See below images. Other than that, If you don't want people to exploit your models then you could always disable downloads and put something in the description to PM you if people want to use your models.

(Rybird) #3

Thank you. I am aware of the various licenses and that I can turn downloads off, but I am not familiar with the modeling industry or community. I am oblivious to whether they are being downloaded and used accordingly with attribution, or what is happening. I don't know if models are being scraped, "someone downloading everything free so they can try to distribute it themselves" or if people are getting useful personal benefits from them or what? I suppose I should turn off downloads until I can learn more about this.
Thank you for your reply though and have a great week!

(Fongoose) #4

No problem. I guess there is no way to know what happens to your models. There is always a risk of people exploiting your models if you make them available. With regards to people selling your work, it's actually not likely for a professional seller to breach a license agreement because it's a risk to their business so I wouldn't worry too much if you are happy with the license terms on your model. :slight_smile:

(Rybird) #5

That is good additional info, I agree, I don't think I should worry. Thank you!
Have a beautiful week!

(Mauricesvay) #6

Hi @Rybird,

when people download your models, they are encouraged to "Like" the model, and they receive an e-mail that encourages them to leave a comment. But it's up to them to do it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(Rybird) #7

Thank you for the information! Have a beautiful week!

(Alex Nan) #8

Hmm, you are right ! They shouldn’t be able to dl them firstly if they don’t give appreciation through the “like” button :confused: also, users should have a certain level untill they can download models (at least a few posts, models uploaded, likes, at least 1 month of being a user with activity and the list could go on)