Where to find good character reference sheets (front + side views)?

Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been looking for good character turnaround/reference sheets that I can use as a reference for 3D modeling 3D. Stuff like this image, for example:

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find good references. In most cases either the character has different poses on each view (and so the views don’t match), or the front view has a fancy, lively pose (instead of a t-pose) which can’t be used as reference, or the sheet has the 3/4 view but lacks either the front or the side views (which are the ones that I need the most)…

So, do you know where I can find good reference sheets with both front and side views (with a simple pose, like the t-pose)?
Are there websites with archives/collections of this kind of reference sheets?
Can you share good reference sheets that you know of?

By the way, I’m not looking for realistic characters; I’d prefer cartoony or animesque designs…