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Where to post Jobs

(Sasquatchiscool) #1

Hey ya'll. I wanted to post a job post. Where do I post those?

(Bart) #2

We don't really have a good place for that now, but I wouldn't mind seeing them in the 'Lounge' forum for the time being. Once the amount of traffic grows we can open a proper Jobs forum. It would have to be a serious, paid, job at a studio or a freelance gig though - no hobby or school projects.

Can you tell me a bit more about what you're looking for and what you're offering? Then I'll decide if it's suitable or not.

(Sasquatchiscool) #3

Thank you very much.
I'm just looking for a 3d modeler who can help me with a commercial product. I've been working on a few animated comics.

Its not a big project. There is some upfront pay but also commission work.

I'm getting ramped up for Phase 2 and 3 of my media company.
Phase 1 Was make money online and reduce my work. I work 2 days a week now which will allow me more time to create and develop my own Intellectual property and combine it with my products and affiliates.
Phase 2 is take those IP combined with the affiliate and self products and make a living doing that.
Phase 3 is to fund other artists to now develop their IP using my particular business model.

I know it sounds all businessy and stuff but basically end of the day taking my love of creating and combining it with my current ability to make money online.

The pay is a small amount upfront but also includes royalties under contract. This is a business. Personally I think a lot of artists love to create but they don't look at the business side of things. I hope to build them royalties using my system.

So yes upfront pay but with royalties included in the contract.

I hope that make sense. Thank you.

(Bart) #4

Ok sounds good. Go ahead and post your request in the Lounge forum. Please provide as much information as you can.