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Where would you like to be featured?

(Bart) #1

It may not be obvious, but behind the scenes we're always working hard to promote your artwork to large publications. For example, we have a weekly art features on IAMAG and BlenderNation and are featured monthly on CG Channel and 3DTotal.

And it doesn't stop there - Blizzard regularly promotes fanart by Sketchfab artists (we'll have more on that on our blog next week, in fact!) and we even had the Van Gogh museum promote a 3D reproduction of Van Gogh's 'Bedroom'.

There's much more, but I think you get my point: we care about your art and we do everything we can to get as many people to see it as we can.

That said, we'd love to know where YOU would LOVE to be featured. Which CG/Art sites do you read on a regular basis? Getting a feature on which site would really make your day? If it's up to us, it might just happen :smile:

So let us know!

(Nataliak) #2

Did you see the blog post yesterday?

How to get your work featured by Blizzard

Blizzard even re-tweeted it, getting those artists even MORE attention :smile: -- so it really works !

We know how important it is to you to get your work out there - so where else would you like to be featured?

Let us know! ('Cause we CAN get it for you :wink: )