Which artwork of yours touched people the way the mona lisa does?


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Most people on this board are all about rechnical details yet when it comes to emotional effect of their artwork, there is nothing left.

Just like GoPro-Promotional videos try to keep the "oh that is awesome"-feeling throughout all their videos to distract from the lack of content or emotional bond.

What did you create that was well received because of it's content and not the technique used. Which artwork of yours touched people the way the mona lisa does?

(Dark Minaz) #2

pretty sure the mona lisa doesn't touch people. It was a work of art, displaying davinci's skill.
There are some works that apparently lets people have "feelings" while staring at it for a while, the mona lisa is clearly not one of them though

As non of my works (or any works of anyone) are as highly valued (700mio+) that comparison seems to be rather impossible.

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(Matthewbrennan) #4

I don't know if I consider the Mona Lisa the most moving of Da Vinci's works. I also wouldn't put anything I've ever created on the same level :wink:

However, it's always nice to see people leaving a comment that they got to see or experience something I've scanned for the first time.

My personal favorite of all my scans is probably one of these two:

Chimera of Arezzo

The Boxer:

(Zurechtweiser) #5

Those two are interesting because the creator of them made them have an effect. You "just" copied them into the virtual world. Like a great book that is copied word by word and put into a technically advanced book cover/jacket is great because of it's layout for 2 seconds but lastingly great because of it's content.

You brought the experience of viewing the art to people worldwide. But not the technicality itself makes it great but the emotion that made the real artist create it.

(Scottneb) #6

It's no Mona Lisa and is CLEARLY a work in progress (that I haven't touched in a while :no_mouth: ). I haven't updated the model simply because people have responded very positively to it. I've had family members that have thanked me tremendously for it.

I'm in a conundrum, I dislike it but it's so well received.