Which one is the best option in order to export to sketchfab? From Maya or from Substance Painter?

I noticed that there is a slightly difference when I bring my model with textures to sketchfab directly from substance painter. What’s the regular workflow you guys use?

Thanks in advance


Substance Painter should theoretically prepare the textures in a very specific way for Sketchfab - are you using the built-in uploader feature?

Could you send me the links to a SP upload and a Maya upload of the same model so I can take a look at the differences?

Hi James, and thanks.

Yes, I use the built-in uploader from substance.
Looks very good to be honest straight up on sketchfab, fast and easy, instead to tweak maps and mat on maya and then packing everything for upload to sketchfab.

I did not upload both, just the SP version.

But I would like to include an animation and here is where Maya looks a better option for this.

Thanks in advance

Understood! One option could be to export/upload the static version from SP so that the textures and materials are correct, and then re-upload the animated version from Maya. If the material names are all kept the same, we should preserve the SP textures while adding the animation.

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Thanks for this solution, it’s actually what I was looking for.


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