White Model - Help


Every time I upload a model it is white with no colour. I’m sure this is something to do with the texture file - but I don’t know what. I have to present the model tomorrow so would be grateful for some help asap please.

When I add the files to the uploader I get the following errors, but I don’t know enough about the software to address the issues.

So you upload a .obj with some .jpg files is that correct?
Can you upload it - then go in the 3d settings on sketchfab and go under “materials” and plug that jpg into the “albedo” does that work?

Hi Minaz,

Thanks for the message. I just obload whatever files are exported by photoscan, is this correct?

I usually use the uploader directly from Photoscan, but that isn’t working either.



Yes exactly just upload those 3
then go to (… to much text so i made images^^)

If you have a image like in the last one just select that
if you dont hit import texture and add the jpg there again

i’m away for 30min if you need more help ill answer them then :slight_smile:

That worked a treat, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Do you know why i have to do this separaetly?

Also, do you have any idea why the photoscan uploader won’t work?

since the .jpg isn’t named after the material
i.e Material_albedo.jpg and i am assuming the .mtl file doesn’t work properly you will have to do it by hand.

normally with correct naming convention sketchfab autofixes most things
or it’s propperly written in the .mtl file

glad it works :wink: sometimes you just gotta do things by hand

Why the uploader doesn’t work … no clue sorry never did scan things so far. maybe @james can help you out there

Sorry, this conversation is happening in a bunch of different places all at once. You can fix the SSL error with the instructions others have provided here:

Agisoft Photoscan Direct Upload issue - 'Error creating SSL'

I’m not sure what’s going wrong the the manual export. It should be identical to the Upload function.