White Model - No Materials

Hello, first-time uploader, here.

I uploaded my model directly from the Blender plugin only to find that none of my materials are showing up. I’m sure I’ve used fewer than 100, so I don’t know what the problem is.

blender plugin does not upload or assign textures to a model. You need to enter edit mode on the sketchfab platform and then for each material upload and assign the texture etc.

Side notes :
( there is also a way to do this automatically by uploading a zip with the model and textures in a expected directory and using expect naming conventions to tell the parser what to do with them )

( im not sure about formats that support embedded textures like fbx can do and gltf or glb - i have no personal experience trying those formats )

Thanks for the reply. Where do I upload the materials? I see the Materials tab in the 3-D setting panel, but no Upload option.

Have a look at this :slight_smile:

and this

Thank you!

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I thinks that blender can do that if you pack all files directly in the .blend file.

Please see the picture in attachment.

Thank you! Yes, I did do that and my image texture imported–but none of the plain, material colors!