Who is your favourite tutorial writer or website?

(Bart) #1

Hey all! If you're like me you follow a lot of (video-)tutorials online. And I'm curious: what is your goto place for the best tutorials?

Being a Blender guy myself, my regular spots are:

I'll probably offend a lot of people by not including them on this list, so: sorry about that!

What are your favourites?

(Miekeroth) #2

Will react more elaborate later but we have about the same list :wink:

(Moroplogo) #3

Merci @bartv for your links. I use sometimes www.blenderclan.org , www.kopilot.ch , www.wiki.blender.org , www.blenderfrance.fr and "Pouletfritesmayo Boucher" on youtube (all in french !)

(Moroplogo) #4

And @miekeroth on sketchfab's blog too! http://blog.sketchfab.com/post/120683276759/how-to-display-a-flower-with-transparency-in :wink:

(Miekeroth) #5

lol :wink: thanks @moroplogo! I hope to get more tutorials out there!