Who's up for a weekend modeling challenge?

(Bart) #1

Hey folks!

I'm playing with the idea of bringing back a recurring weekend modeling challenge - an easy to enter, quick and fun activity for during or around the weekend. Before I plan the first one, I'd like to check in with you here to see what would make you enter one. Topics, software/tool restrictions, duration, prizes - that kind of thing? Let me know!


(Pabloserranobasterra) #2

Hi! I would suggest topics related to cultural heritage. 3D software is becoming a nice and popular tool for Archaeological revivals, buildings, monuments, structures, etc.
A nice price might be to extend the "Pro" account period. I am afraid students and people dedicated to cultural activities have not much money to dedicate to this... cry wink

(Bart) #3

Hey Pablo,

hmm, wouldn't 3D scanning be better suited to cultural heritage than modeling?

And did you know all students and teachers get Sketchfab PRO for free? Here's how you can claim it: https://sketchfab.com/education

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(Bart) #6

Any other thoughts about weekend challenges, folks? Is it something you'd like to be involved in, or not?

(Chaitanyak) #7

I was thinking of a way to get people to interact with the community..
What about a weekend "modelling mashup"
we give a topic which will be something with a number of parts/componenets.. like an Suit of Armor or a Robot.. entrants volunteer to do a part.. or more than one part. The contest organiser then mashes them all together into one model..
(maybe it can be automated?)

eg: in the Suit of Armor mashup..

someone does the helmet in the style of a shogun mask,
someone else does the vambraces(arm parts) in a scifi style..
someone does the legs in a Orc armor style..
someone does the torso in a dragon scales style..

the result will be a badass amalgamation of all our models

Another idea would be to have us work on various themes like Island theme, war theme.. to create assets.. that will then be put in a free Sketchfab Asset pack that the community can download. They could even be in some modular format.. like minecraft.. or the image below

and then in the following week we have a contest where everyone who wants to enter, comes up with a composition using the same building blocks(modelling skills not required).

(Bart) #10

Very cool indeed, yeah please do ping me when you have more work to show!