Why are edges added next to bevels?


(Procrascat) #1

A while ago I uploaded my first blender project ( https://sketchfab.com/models/d3613deed87c4c929e049ca21492161d ) to the site. But, until now I had not realized that there were lines added next to the area I had beveled. I also checked the original file and the lines weren't there. So I was wondering is this some type of correction?


Are you talking about these hard edges?

It's related to smoothing vertex normals. You'll need to merge/weld/smooth these edges. I don't know the exact workflow in Blender. Maybe @shaderbytes can share the specific options?

(Shaderbytes) #3

HI @james and @procrascat

Can you point out exactly what you are referring to ? take a screenshot and circle the area where you say lines were generated. Also could you provide the .blend file so I can have a look.

Most of the time when geometry is generated it is because of using ngons which then get triangluated when importing/exporting. Also I had a look at the model in the viewer and I can already see some non manifold faces.

So send the blend file if possible

(Procrascat) #4

@shaderbytes and @james sorry, I actually just noticed that the lines are from the bevels I made.

But I'm still not sure why they are there.

(Shaderbytes) #5

I dont even see any bevel edges in your model :wink: I think you must be using incorrect terminology, perhaps you mean extrusions?

Anyway Looking at you wireframe screenshot from blender I can tell some of your verticle tubes edges are connected to the base rectangle and some are not.

I think just keep doing a few more tutorials and pay attention to the ways they work with geometry and these things will clear themselves up over time.


(Dibayache) #6

I'm new here.
I want to know if we can edit our 3D object with skectlab...
For exemple if i Scan my Laptop, can i cut all the parts (remove screan,.) and just have the keyboard for exemple ? is it possible, and how to do this ?
thanx for answering :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #7

Hi @procrascat,
is it possible that you have old vertices sitting on your edges? In Blender to get rid of edges properly you always have to use "dissolve edges". If you just delete an edge the adjacent vertices remain.
On these faces triangulation might happen and the user doesn't really understand where it comes from(talking from experience :smiley: )

@dibayache Currently you can't edit your model in Sketchfab. You have to do it prior to uploading :smile: