Why do my Photoscan exports have no color?


(Soaringvideo) #1

I use Agisoft Photoscan upload function and all I can see is the white texture with no color. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

Here's a sample


When you export OBJ from PhotoScan, it should include a .MTL file and at least one texture (JPG or PNG). You need to upload everything together.

Alternatively, you can add the texture after uploading in 3D Settings.

Did you manually export and upload or did you use the built-in Upload to Sketchfab feature?

(SamuiAerialMapping) #3

I am having the same issue..

I am modeling landscapes using drone-based photos - hundreds of them.

Whether I export the model, or use the built-in uploader, it shows up in SketchFab white, with no photographic detail.

I have had success with SketchFab, but have this problem intermittently.

(Mrchlblng) #4


I've just checked your last "white" upload; the archive you uploaded contains an OBJ and MTL file but the material does not contain any reference to a texture and the archive does not contain any other image (otherwise we would have processed it and you'd only have to set it in the editor).

When we find inconsistencies in data (e.g. a material definition referencing a texture that is not uploaded or a texture not used in any material), we provide a feedback in the processing logs that are viewable when the model is still in draft mode.

It feels like this likely is a workflow issue. Could you provide some more details on your workflow with sketchfab?

(SamuiAerialMapping) #5

I figured what you suggested was happening.

I went back into PhotoScan and checked my workflow.
Seems when I make the textures .PNG it works better than when I export .JPG
Makes no sense, but it's working now..

I'm pretty sure it's an AgiSoft PhotoScan issue, not a SketchFab Exporter issue...

(Andersd) #6

I just encountered this problem uploading directly from Agisoft Photoscan 1.3.0. A Google search brought up this topic. I tried exporting the texture separately both in PNG and JPG, and imported them to the Sketchfab model interface with no luck.

Finally, I realized that the surface textures simply do not show up in Safari (10.0.3 on OS X), while the models and textures turn out to work just fine if I instead open the uploaded sketchfab model in Chrome. Just a heads up in case anybody encounters the same problem!


We've had a few reports of texture issues with Safari, but it's been hard to debug. Can you please send me:

(Agbarbiero) #8

Hi James. I had the same issue, I uploaded a model made with photoscan 1.3.4 and was not able to see the texture. I use MAC OS and Safari, do not see the appropriate texture even in other browsers. How can i upload an .mtl file? There's no option to do it on photoscan... :frowning: thanks bye


Did you use the Upload Model feature directly from PhotoScan?