Why doen't Sketchfab sell NFTs?

Sketchfab has amazing tech when it comes to viewing 3D content online. Far ahead of anyone else, people are using pre-rendered videos to show off 3D content, and are making a lot of money doing it.

Sketchfab could blow them all away if there was an option to sell 3D art as NFTs, and could probably make a lot of money doing it; it feels like a missed opportunity. Is anyone working on this?

Here is an example of what is passing for a 3D art piece right now, [LINK REMOVED]


Hi @ravindkumar @ianxyz -

Sketchfab has no intentions of working with NFTs, sorry.

I have also removed links from your posts that lead to NFT/crypto marketplaces - please don’t post those on Sketchfab platforms.

@ianxyz It’s not all about the money.