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Why does my model appear different here compared to Maya?


(Tezelian) #1

This is how I want my model to look like on Sketchfab once I have exported it from Autodesk Maya after the saving the obhect as fbx Export file format

But once I upload the same model on Sketch Fab these are the results I get.... why is this happening, what can I do?

(theStoff) #2

What does the fbx file look like if you re-import it back into Maya? Maybe you have a hidden mesh that you're exporting with the model?

(Tezelian) #3

Continuing the discussion from Why does my model appear different here compared to Maya?:

The file or model looks perfect even after I re import it so it's only happening when I export it into sketchfab

What other techniques can I implement? I just don't understand where that extra lines above the weapon are originating from :frowning:

How do I determine if I have additional invisible meshes?

Thank you

(theStoff) #4

To check for invisible meshes just see if you have any geo greyed out in the outliner. As for other options maybe you should try using an obj. Fbxs can often retain extra data. There might be something in there that the Sketchfab viewer doesn't like.

(Paulchambers3d) #5

Might be worth checking that all model history is cleared before exporting as well. As others have said, sometimes modeling in Maya is non-destructive and only shows within the Maya environment - deleting construction history usually "commits" those edits.


Are you using n-Gons maybe? Try triangulating everything before upload.

(Lord00120) #7

Isn't the trouble here just the different light? I mean, it looks like its the same model, but just under different, more direct lighting?