Why does my model turns white? Even the window has lost it's texture and everything


(Robinekariski) #1

So I’ve finished making a room in Blender, low poly style. Here’s the result after rendering:

But when I tried to upload it to Sketchfab, everything turns white. The only external material I used is the Mayweather McGregor picture. Other than that, every object use the material from the Blender itself. And the windows itself has turn into a cube, losing all the frame and window glass. I can’t put any color into the window.

How to actually upload my blender file without any issue? Thanks in advance.

(Bart) #2

How did you upload this model? Using our Blender exporter, or by uploading the .blend? Note that if you upload the .blend you should probably ‘pack’ the textures first.

(Robinekariski) #3

I’ve already put all the “.blend1”, “.blend” and the “Mayweather McGregor” file into a “.rar”.
And when I upload the “.rar” it’s still turn all white, without any color like the picture above.

Is there any solution?


You don’t need the .blend1 file. It looks like there were no textures uploaded with the model, there are materials defined, but if you’re using Cycles it won’t work.