Why does the reupload function not work properly?

I have uploaded a character but I have noticed errors where the armour peeks through others.

I fixed everything and tried a reupload but nothing changed. When I import the .fbx into Blender I see that the errors should not be there.

The character has no rig and all modifires were apllyt as well as everything else like LocRotScale.
I also had this problem with another model.

Ive had a whole bunch of issues since the new upload system which included things not updating correctly on re-uploading, I seemed to narrow this down to a browser cache issue, and/or out of date browser. I am using firefox, and updating firefox + purging cache seemed to fix a few instances of similar problems of things not getting updated.
Perhaps the might be causing the same issue for you?

I don’t know, I deleted the model altogether and did a completely new upload.