Why does the shadow move in first person?

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Hello Community

I like to go in first person mode and (kind of) walk through scenes a lot, tho i noticed that the shadows move whenever i look around which kinda destroys the "inside the scene" feeling.
Can i somehow disable that behavior?

Best regards, Minzkraut

Suggestion: Disable "Attached to Camera" for lights in VR mode

My first suspicion is that the lights are attached to the camera. Could you post a link to an example model?

(Minzkraut) #3

Wisteria Garden by Minkyung by mykamyu on Sketchfab


Thanks, I'm looking into it.


Sorry for the delay.

No update yet but I'm hoping we can change this behavior.


Hi again,

We've decided we won't change this behavior for now. We would rather have 'attached to camera' work consistently, so the best solution is to disable it.

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Hi @james, is de-attaching the camera from the lighting only something the scene owner can do?

This is a useful effect on "hero object" scenes, but having the shadows move as you first-person navigate through "world scenes" is very odd.

Perhaps it is something that could be toggled off when camera navigation is in 'fps' mode?

eg. https://sketchfab.com/models/c4192a3708a04c6c9855b5c602689a71

Village by dawkinsia on Sketchfab


Suggestion: Disable "Attached to Camera" for lights in VR mode

Yes, only the author can change light/shadow settings.

We hope to revisit this issue in the future, but it's not planned yet.