Why is the texture quality poorer in sketchfab?


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I've been trying to upload a model created using Agisoft, a photogrammetry software. The model looks great in Agisoft but when I upload it to Sketchfab the texture just doesn't look the same. This is really important because the texture hides imperfections in the model.

When I upload I am uploading the .obj, a texture .jpg, and the .mtl file.

Here is what I would like my model to look like:

and here is how it appears in Sketchfab :

Am I uploading something wrong? Is there a setting I am missing? Please let me know if you have had any issues like this and how you fixed them.




A good first step could be to switch to Shadeless mode, which is usually the best choice for Agisoft scans.
You could also increase your generated texture from 4096 to 8192.

By the way, did you know you can upload directly from PhotoScan (File → Upload model...)

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Thank you so much, the shadeless mode really made a huge difference.

Appreciate the Help