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Why Isn't My File Downloadable?

(Ja Bar) #1

Maybe I am missing something....
Even though I have download option turned on, my file is not downloadable. That option is grayed out.

Is this because it's a free account?


Sorry about that. Did you turn on download during the upload process?

There's a bug right now that stops it from working. Can you go to the model Properties, turn download off, save, turn it back on, save? That should get it working.

(Ja Bar) #3

I did. tried uploading many times with download turned on.

will try again.

(Humanti) #4

The download does not work, this is a general phenomenon, has repeatedly asked for the faults. The program is broken somewhere in a statement. In the past, this was not the problem.


We're working on it, sorry!

Again, turning download off and back on again usually fixes it for me.