Why might SketchFab keep rejecting me as a seller?

I’ve tried three times to get accepted as a seller on SketchFab but have been rejected on each occasion; with no clear explanation as to why.

After asking for more details, I eventually received a response indicating they were looking for “unique content”, or the content wasn’t suitably unique/original.

Does anybody have experience in applying for SketchFab seller status, and what they might mean by “unique content”. Surely coming up with something completely unique, would be almost impossible?

Portfolio: Gorillapoo965 (@Gorillapoo965) - Sketchfab

Perhaps this might be of interest?

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By unique, we mean something that sets you apart,
can be an art style, branding, different proportions, colors…
It’s good to have an overall sense of the market before applying. Search for grenade as an example:

It’s a fairly popular item and there’re plenty of online tutorials teaching it, so my tip is learning to model more challenging objects and designs. Learn about vertex weighted normals, mesh optimization, etc

Improve your craft and apply again in the future :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

Is there anything in my portfolio that meets the “uniqueness” criteria, or is more progressive in that sense?

For example the ‘Voxel Style Firey Greatsword’ (Voxel Style Firey Greatsword - Download Free 3D model by Gorillapoo965 (@Gorillapoo965) [172aa07] - Sketchfab)
This uses a ‘voxel workflow’, doesn’t that represent a differentiation/uniqueness over other assets?

I’m not sure here’s the best place to discuss individual feedback, please contact our support via email for such questions.

But long story short, the use of Voxel Softwares are not advisable.