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Why models downloaded from Sketchfab have lower detail than on the web site?


(Flobv) #1

All models I ever downloaded from Sketchfab are in lower detail than what they look on the web site.
I am not sure if only the texture is in lower detail or also the geometry.
Can anyone explain me why ? Is this a policy ?

Thanks !



The download includes exactly what the author uploaded. If they look different, it must be because of settings changed in the Sketchfab editor.

Do you have a link to a specific example?

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All models exhibit the same issue.
I download them, I open them with Unity, Unreal, MeshLab and in all they look in lower detail, as if they have SD textures or something. It's why I cannot consider using them in a game in this state.
Take for instance this side by side comparison of this model: Jervaulx - Mathew
Top sample is a screenshot from Unity; bottom sample is a screenshot from the Sketchfab web site.


That model is using the Sharpness post-processing filter, which could make up for some of that difference.

Again, the download includes EXACTLY what the user uploaded. We process and compress textures, but the download will be the original (as long as it was included in the upload and not added in the Editor after upload).

You can find the original texture here:

But it is a non-"power of 2" texture (12288x12288), which we don't use for performance reasons. So the texture you see in the viewer is actually 8192x8192.

My only guess is that your software is also downsampling, but I'm really not familiar enough with those engines/tools.

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I just realised that MeshLab renders the model exactly like it shows on the web site.
It seems that only Unity doesn't show the texture in full detail for some reason.
By looking at the downloaded texture file, the details look fine though, but somehow Unity renders in lower detail.

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I figured out. In Unity the size of the texture was restricted to 1024.
I extended it to 8192 and it looks much better.


Glad you figured it out :slight_smile: