Why my model uploaded is not smooth like the original?


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Hi,I'm new and not so expert for setting on sketchfab.
My model uploded is very far from my original made in Maya and rendered with MentalRay.
The main problem it's NOT SMOOTH (I saved in fbx and I set smooth group and smooth face in fbx tab setting)
and some texture make problems.
I try many test in sketchfab setting but I'm really disheartended...someone can help me?....Thank You very much

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Hello !
Can you post screenshots of your different problems ?
You mean smooth normals or a mesh smooth ?


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thank you for answer me to help. This is my original in maya.I mean the mesh is smooth,

but when I uploded in sketchfab
is "heavy" look like lowpoly... I'm not so expert in exportation or setting...
My bad model in sketchfab is http://skfb.ly/6qspS
Thank You very much for your time..

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Hello !
Maybe it's an node problem, smooth preview idk...
Can you post a zip of your model ? I'll take a look at it.


It could be related to vertex normals. See https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/209143406-Vertex-Normals