Why my models are not in HD?

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First of all I’m very new to 3D and everything related to it.
I’ve started few times ago and I want 3D model from photogrammetry of very ancient object. My first models were quite good I think and they were all in HD (see this example here : Archéologie Mali - 3D model by Aikio Corp. (@aikio_corp) [9dc718d] - Sketchfab). But I noticed that all the models I’m uploading now have very bad quality and not in HD. I use Metashape and the models are very good in this software but everytime I upload them to Sketchfab I lost quality. Is it because of how I export my models ? Is it related to the fact that I have not a paid subscription ? Can you please help me ?

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Hello @aikio_corp !

Looking at the model you shared, it has been uploaded with two 1024x1024 textures.

Are you uploading directly from Metashape or exporting a file to your computer then uploading to Sketchfab?

Try generating two high resolution (e.g. 8192x8192) texures in Metashape, exporting locally then uploading to Sketchfab.

Hope that helps, I look forward to seeing the updated scans!

Hello @nebulousflynn

I export first then upload to Sketchfab. I will try to upload with the resolution you suggested. Thank you very much for your help. I will keep you update.

@nebulousflynn I confirm that it was related to the texture resolution but also the type of file choosen for the export. For instance I did an export with 8192x8192 resolution in JPEG but the result was not good. I tried with PNG and the result was much better.

I am glad to hear you have succeeded, thank you for sharing the extra information and I look forward to seeing the results in 3D as they are published :slight_smile:

By the way, are you aware of Sketchfab’s Cultural Heirtage & Non-Profit Program?