Why some parts disappear after loading?


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objects disappear after the download? How much is this happening?



Can you please post a link to the model?

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Oh sure. https://sketchfab.com/models/538536ce304f4edebf48c883d6d13c65



I tried applying your modifiers and removing non-roman characters from the object names, but no good :frowning:


Trying to upload just one of the missing parts (like the eyes) doesn't work at all :confounded:


@waleguene maybe you could take a look?

a61ec4842a90492da416ff0c68851744.blend (1.4 MB)

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After exporting to another format it worked. Thanks for all :blush:


Great! That was going to be my next suggestion. Still, kinda weird...

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Excuse for troubling. I have one more question ^ _ ^. In setting 3d PBR applied different materials. But when downloading models, materials are not available. Either way it should be?


No problem.

Edits you make in material/light/scene settings will not change your original file, they will only affect viewing on Sketchfab.

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Now I understand. Thank you :wink: :smile: