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Why some textures have some displacement?

(Neocaos) #1

Hi everybody.

You can see in this model from terrain surface, that some textures in the left side have some vertical displacement, it doesn't happend in the right side and i don't know why.

That generates distortion in my model so the route (red colour) can be showed rightly.




What software are you using?

It might be an issue the VRML format.

(Neocaos) #3

I'm using Arcscene to generate de vrml formats.


Thanks. You're talking about the displacement like this?

When I open the VRML file in other software, like MeshLab, I see the same result, so it seems to be an export issue, not a Sketchfab issue.

I'm not familiar with Arcscene, so I'm not sure what could be causing this :confused: