Why TGA with no alphas are imported with transparency in the material slot?

(Davidnibi) #1

Is this bad? I don’t want transparencies (TGA has none) and it is showing black as transparent on the material slot?

Also it’s importing the TGA as PNGs. Why is this? Can I use the TGA format?


We convert everything to PNG or JPG. The conversion from TGA to PNG is lossless, so you’re getting a smaller file with no change in quality. If your model is available for download or purchase, the original TGAs would still be included.

See this page for more details on our texture processing:


I’m not sure I see the issue with the alpha / black. Can you elaborate? You do also have some vertex colors that are being multiplied by the Base Color. I don’t know if that’s intentional, but you can disable them if you want.