Why the price change ?! Need to pay double now ! from 34 to 80 euros!


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So the team and management just thought it would be great to change the plans and pricing !
I had a plan that was perfectly matching my needs, and you just made it impossible for me to keep up financially with the new premium plan, as it is doubling the price, it went from 34 to 80 euros ! I really was fond of this plan that nicely matched with my needs, being able to hide the inspector, some other menu items and not see the related content viewers. I'm an independent and this was ideal towards my clients.

There must be a bunch of other former pro users who will be upset about this. You should at least provide an intermediate plan between This is really a very bad marketing choice.

You should at least provide a intermediate plan between pro and premium and allow us to use the Hide embed controls & info with a 30 euros plan for exemple like before.

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