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Will be there a real VR app for mobile or desktop? Gear VR, Daydream, Vive, Rift... I'm not talking about cardboard


(Dreatern) #1

So, are there any plans to release a real VR app where we can log-in and browse models instead of using the website and "click" the VR button? This is so bad, slow, clunk, probably this is good only for cardboard but not for Gear VR for example.

On Oculus Store you can find a Sketchfab app but it looks like a limited demo, you only browse through few selected models and done, no login and you cannot search for community models, browse categories, see your own model, etc.

Why not a native VR experience? Sketchfab is great for that and the web browser option is not good for VR besides cardboard.

(Stephomi) #2

A native app is possible but it'll only be a wrapper around our 3d web viewer, so it'll still be based on webvr with the same performance, etc...

We'll never a develop a real native app which we'll let you browse the entire website.

Right now, webvr has many issues (each different depending of the VR devices you test it on). It's not something we have control over, but it'll improve in the future. In theory, the experience shouldn't be that much different than a native app, but it's still an early technology so... (and note that "Cardboard" is the only context where we don't rely on webvr, and it turns out to be faster).

As for desktop (Vive and Oculus), the performance should be good. There are still other issues (controller not detected on Vive, etc...) but when I test it I don't have any performance issue.

(Dreatern) #3

Good to know you guys are testing.

When I say native VR app I mean a app easy to browse inside the VR environment.
Could be the Sketchfab website in a room with some panels to control around the user.
A website is just a 2D webpage with little buttons, page scroll up and down( really bad ), etc. This is not good or intuitive to browse in a VR environment.

A native VR app will have the same website content but presented in a 3D environment, easy to navigate, Imagine a 3D 360 webpage where you can have 3D panels around showing different sections of the website at the same time with a good UX/UI, easy to control and navigate.
You will always be inside a 3D environment and this navigation center (lets call Home Room :D) could use staff picks models of places and scenes :wink:

(P3n T4g R4m) #4

There actually is a sketchfab app (free download) on oculus but it's a kind of showcase thing, not a browser. I've been kinda hoping it'd end up getting built out as a full viewer cos this hacked browser malarkey is going nowhere for me.