Will it ever be possible?

(Creativesip) #1

Just saw this


I was wondering , will sketchfab introduce these feature in near future ?

(Bart) #2

Which feature are you referring to specifically? It looks great smile

(Creativesip) #3

one feature to rule them all! smile

(Creativesip) #4

Animation trigger, such as explode model's specific parts, like opening the bonnet and showing engine, changing materials, super designed annotations system, and the branding system!

(Andy lewis) #5

Looks great but doesn't work for me. frowning

(Bart) #6

We're looking into animations, but it's a broad field, so we're not sure yet which feature will be first. Changing materials: take a look here for an early demo. Custom branding/white labeling isn't on our roadmap.

(Yaldroid) #7

it should be come from another 3d interactive web platform name starts with 'v' ... i visited that before, they support model with PBR, interactive animation, and with object shadow, but not compatible to my touch screen frowning ; also no scene object reflection, only have environment reflection. They provide business media service as shown in the above link...

They are a keen competitor to Sketchfab...

Sketchfab is a pioneer, and with huge amount of users, good reputation, friendly users and staffs, also able to embed into facebook and website, downloadable models. These are the comparative advantages at this moment.

For interior visualization, my wish is to have scene objects reflection, PBR with light bouncing and shadow... but these function may make computer overloaded...


@yaldroid - thanks for the feedback!

Shadows coming soon. Object reflections... one day smile

(Yaldroid) #9

@james, kissing_closed_eyes thank you! kissing_closed_eyes

hmm... I re-edited my scene with pbr, now I think fake reflection is acceptable~
now I need to learn how to bake a scene that look like a master smirk_cat

(Bart) #10

Hey @yaldroid,

in case you missed it: real time shadows are now available:



(Yaldroid) #11

Thank you Bart for the warm remind kissing_cat I have tested it, that's good, it works accurately and precisely!

I also notice the head scan by EISKO: https://skfb.ly/DI7I , the shadows make it looks vivid with layers, fantastic!
And it would be great if there is a soften adjustment or an anti-aliasing filter available to the shadows. heart but my hardware may not able to play it smoothly... skull

Back to the original topic, IK and animation is useful for demonstrating and for fun, but not my field. Maybe it is useful for furniture demonstration, eg. showing/hiding the cabinet inside by opening/closing the door?
And dance the scanned human figure...

Sketchfab team always give support to users in different aspects, I really thank for that, and I know it's hard to satisfy all our needs/wants/desire.. I just hope Sketchfab can have a greater success in the market and wish all your efforts result to positive rewards.


Thanks for the kind words @yaldroid smiley

Yes, that EISKO scan is incredible!

blurred/soft/anti-aliasing on shadows will come sometime!


Reflections are here!