Will Pay Someone to Create Simple 3D Objects in Older File Format

Hi everyone…

I’m searching for someone that can create simple non-animated 3D car sets for a 20 year old PC game. I just need common vehicles that you would see in everyday traffic. They will be placed on the streets and in parking lots, and will serve as background scenery. They can be low detail, but not cartoonish. They just need to look real from a distance. I have the ability to import them into the software I’m using, but they are in an older format and I don’t know where to find them in this format. I’m not a graphics person, so I can’t create them myself, and from what I’ve heard, today’s free graphics programs don’t support the older format. The best I can tell you is these 3D objects need to be made up of 3 files. The 3 needed file types are ".XYZ, .MAP and .PRV.

As I mentioned, these are non-animated 3D objects that are to be used as common scenery. I’ll explain how they will be used and why I want them.


The game is an old golf simulator that was originally created by Access Software called Links 2003. Microsoft bought out the Links game and kept it going for several years, and then they sold it to some private hobbyist that had a passion for the game and kept it alive for many years. It is still considered by many to be the best of it’s type. It has not been updated since it was last released in 2003.

When Microsoft released it, they also released the course creator software that is know as “The Arnold Palmer Course Creator”, or the “APCD”. There are many of us from all over the world that are still actively creating golf courses for Links 2003. There is no money to be made from our courses. It’s a hobby that we love, and we dedicate ourselves and our time to creating beautiful courses from all over the world and putting them up for free downloads. No one makes any money for our time or work. It’s 100% voluntary.

Included with the APCD is an “OBJECT LIBRARY” that contains a selection of 3D objects that can be planted (or placed) out on the courses as we build them… These items add to the looks or realism of the courses, and serve no purpose other than that. There are different categories in the object library to use from, such as 3D houses, 3d benches, 3D hedges, 3D bridges and a few other simple items. There are 118 objects in the existing 3D object library, and of those only about 20 percent are useful. The others are old, outdated and ugly and have been the same for all these years. It would be great if we could put together a more useful and modern selection of 3D items. Because of the age of the software, they are created in an older file format that is not very common in today’s 3D graphics world.


I am a 74 year old retired electronics tech, and Links Golf has been a passion of mine since it started out on 2 floppy discs in 1990. I am one of the many course designers that hang out at a Web Site that still supports Links 2003. They provide the web space for the courses and put them up for free download for anyone that wants them. The web site is 100% supported by donations.

I had some thoughts a while back about how nice it would be to be able to add some new 3D objects to our object library. There had never been any vehicles in our object library, and it just doesn’t look right to see empty streets and parking lots while you’re playing golf. :slight_smile: So I started asking questions on our forums and received some assistance by a fella that I can’t locate any more. He was familiar with 3D graphics and knew how to create these older 3D objects. It seems to me (and I can’t swear this is accurate) that he said to create these types of 3D objects, you needed a specific graphics program capable of working with the older file types. None of us at the forums knew anyone that worked with 3D graphics.

I decided to see if any of these file types were available on the Internet, so I did some searching online and I found a free 3D object that was created in this format. It was a 3D Ocean. My friend wrote out the instructions on how to import a 3D object into the APCD, and add it to our Object Library. I followed his instructions and it worked. So I know it’s possible to add 3D objects to the APCD. Now it’s a matter of finding someone that can create or possibly convert some newer formats to what I need.

I would be glad to pay for a decent car set if anyone knows someone that can make them in the above “.XYZ, .MRP,.PRV” file formats. I don’t know what is involved or how much time it takes to create these simple non-animated 3D objects, but if they are not real expensive, I can think of other simple objects that I can use also. Please keep in mind that this is for a hobby and any money spent comes out of my own pocket. :slight_smile:

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it very much. Please contact me with any questions or information you can provide that may point me in the right direction to find these file types and someone willing to create them for a fee.

Thanks, and best wishes to all,

Dan DeShaney dfdeshaney@gmail.com

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Hi Dan,

It’s great to see someone passionate about modding older games, and to read such a detailed post about the aim of what you’re trying to do.

I’ve been working in 3D for quite a while, and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered the XYZ, MAP or PRV formats. Most 3D formats are typically 1 or 2 files, so with each object requiring 3 files, there’s a strong possibility that they where custom formats used by the developer to store specific data as they needed it. They could also be linked to the particular games engine used by Links 2003, but I’m struggling to find any information about what that was, which again could point to it being an entirely custom / proprietary solution.

With all that being said, you did mention finding a 3D Ocean model online, which does offer a glimmer of hope. Do you happen to have a link to this model? If so, I might be able to take a look and see if I can figure out a little more about these file formats to help you along in your journey. :nerd_face:


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