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Will re-uploading a mesh preserv the materials?


(4chieve) #1

Hey all.

I just finished a scene with 35+ textures across 8 different materials, also did quite a good deal of tweaking with lights, post processing,etc...
I'm now thinking that I need to add some extra objects in the scene, am I going to re-do everything?

I fear I might lose everything after re-uploading the new altered mesh, I'm asking because re-uploading seems irreversibly as I can't duplicate the scene/project to have a backup or undo the re-upload.

Many thanks.

(Shaderbytes) #2

It is supposed to do it .. but very often it fails on an epic nature. The trick here is to use the material presets addon. This is a chrome extension script which runs via tamper monkey.

This tool will inject some additional controls into the editor of sketchfab. So you can save all your material settings using this tool prior to doing the re-upload. Then do the re-upload then use the tool to load your preset.

When using re-upload , the textures will be there but some might disconnect , at least you dont have to re-upload textures in this instance , you can just select it again from the drop down.

This tool can even be used across new uploads :slight_smile: although it doesnt store textures , those you would have to upload and assign again on a new upload.. but all the settings would be correct.

So install tamper monkey , and here is the script :


you can save presets for materials and for post processing , but not for lighting.

(4chieve) #3

Thanks for that!
I will give it a try.

(Mrchlblng) #4

@4chieve @shaderbytes we are not aware of recent issues regarding reupload (especially if you reupload on a recent model). There might have been issues in the past but I'm not sure your comment really refers to any recent issue @shaderbytes (even though I understand that when it fails once it could feel like the feature is too brittle).

The feature just has a couple of constraints to be aware of:

  • you do not change the material names: we use this to compare materials definition; this requirement will not change in the future.
  • you add all used textures when you reupload your model; we currently compare texture pixels when comparing material versions.

This second constraint is way too cumbersome and we'll change this behavior so that you may simply reupload bare geometry data to update an existing scene soon. This should make the feature more user-friendly and probably more predictible for users.

But if you can do this, the feature should just work fine, and if it doesn't, please do not hesitate to report it here or to as without user reports, we cannot easily be aware of issues with this feature.