Windows 10 - MS Edge Issue

(Yiannis) #1

For the last 2-3 Windows 10 builds Edge does not show Sketchfab models properly. Instead, it shows this:

(Sean L Cabahug) #2

One of the obvious downsides to Microsoft Edge is the very little support for 3rd party plugins, like Java and Unity. I'm pretty sure that's the problem that doesn't let you view models on Sketchfab.

I recommend switching to another browser, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. I'm sure that viewing models on Sketchfab will work on those.

(Paul Sketch) #3

it works here on Edge.
Can you post post a screenshot of Edge on the page ?
(and test other webgl based websites too: )


@sean.l.cabahug We don't use any 3rd party plug-ins like Java or Unity.

(Yiannis) #5

Have you installed the latest build (15014) with the Hololographic features?
Because I feel that may be the issue. It started happening since Holographic dev extensions became available. (build 15006?)

Is that screen with these tips that I shared earlier relevant to Sketchfab?

Chrome Experiments works fine too.
My Edge version is 39.15014.1000.0 and EdgeHTML 15.15014

(Yiannis) #6

Actually, you are kind of wrong. It's just that Edge before everyone has removed obsolete technologies. Not "missing" them. Still the result can some times be the same. Sketchfab works better than in many other browsers on Edge. But this time something else seems to be going on.

(Paul Sketch) #7

Thanks for the Info/report !

We tested only against current Edge Browser (Edge/14.14393) not beta/alpha versions ("insider preview").

( note that fixing bugs on alpha/beta version is very low priority for us though.)

(Yiannis) #8

Understood. It usually is for most teams, and it makes sense. There is also a catch though. Not testing on release candidate versions in some cases can mean a large spike on your KPIs. (In this case given Edge's lack of popularity it is a non issue, but still.)

This behavior has persisted on all latest builds. So that means something has changed permanently.

(Paul Sketch) #9

Tested quickly with a ms virtual machine with Edge insider preview, and reproduced.
Note that 3D model is here and rendered, but hidden behind the "Help Popup" :frowning:
Inded the help menu doesn't dissapear and cannot be removed by user interaction,
looks at 100% a bug on the Edge side (seems it doesn't satisfy opacity css rule of the popup)

Thanks again for taking the time to report and give additionnal infos !

(Yiannis) #10

Build 15031 has this issue fixed. I could access Sketchfab models and interact with them normally. (I had sent them the bug too a few builds back when I first encountered it.) I am not sure what they changed but Sketchfab now works properly as it used to.

(Paul Sketch) #11

Great news, Thanks for the info.