Windows Mixed Reality

My Lenovo WMR VR used to work perfectly with Sketchfab to view my models in VR for clients. Last year it stopped and please see link of issue where handset disappears in VR mode only to return on exit.VR Issue

Any help would be most welcome!!


And thanks for the report, I could reproduce the bug, and will investigate.

Thanks Paul. Do I need to send any more info?



No, all good, thanks again!

Any tips to resolve this problem? I do have that same issue. Strange thing is, sometimes that my controller work correct in vr mode.

Any news on this yet? I have the same issue with WMR on Microsoft Edge. When entering VR, the start position is incorrect and I have to hunt around for the model, sometimes without success. I can get it to work with Firefox via Steam VR, but this seems to be less efficient and stutters with complex models. It used to work perfectly with Edge; it would be great if you could get this going again.

I wish! It’s so frustrating as it was working better than HTC, Oculus etc but still my WMR and new HP VR is bolloxed.