Windows Phone 8.1 embed problem

(Tmars) #1

I have embed my model on my homepage. If I visit the page with Windows Phone 8.1 I can see the model but if I click on it the counter makes the circle and nothing else happens. I see only a grey background without my model. I haven't found any information about this in the forum.

My code is:
iframe width="320" height="240" src="" frameborder="0" >
(of course with right iframe tags but I remove it for you to see the code here )

My homepage is:

My model is: Jázmin

Do you have any opinion to fix this problem?

Bestr regards,


Weird. We don't have a Windows Phone for testing, but I'll see if I can find one. I wasn't able to reproduce it on iOS or Android confused

What browser are you using on the phone? Could you try a different one?

(Tmars) #3

Dear James,

Yes it works fine on Android and iOS. The problem is on Windows Phone only.
I use Internet Explorer (this is the built-in) but have tested it on other browsers with the same result. That"s why I have taken this post.

Please don't give up and try to see it on a WP. smile

Best regards,

(Iacsas) #4

Dear James.
Please, do you have plans for sketchfab support on Windows Phone?
Best regards.



We hope Windows Phone support will be better in the future. However, Sketchfab works very well on every other platform, so I think improvements need to come from the Windows side, too.

Additionally, Windows Phone traffic accounts for less than 0.2% (Yes, 0.002) of traffic, so it is very low priority.