Windows8.1 + IE11 + Tablet = Models can't be rotated

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Hi there,

I would like to use sketchfab for the presentation of 3D models on websites. As you all know, there are a few (sometimes important) people around, that use for the microsoft surface tablet or windows phone. So, when I try to view models on a windows tablets in IE11, the touch events seem not to be passed to the 3D window. I can not rotate the models.

This is really something, that should be fixed asap!


Thanks for the report. We'll look into it asap!

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Any news on this topic? A client would love to embed 3D models in powerpoint. This can be done via a internetexplorer webview. I managed to run it in IE11 and with GPU support, but without beeing able to interact with the models via touch, it is just not really usefull at all.