Windowsphone viewer?

(Archeologiedenhaag) #1

Hi, i work for the government and all users in the government use windowsphones (too bad i agree),... and sketchfab doesnt work on these phones. Somehow the viewer does not support it. Is there any possibility to get this working? That will help us so much, because i would like to offer the users a weekly sketchfab object to view in a cardboardbox 3D viewer.
Now the only thing we see is a black screen :slight_smile:

(Arthur Jamain) #2

Hey there !

Very sorry for the troubles you are experiencing. Windows phone browsers are definitely something we want to support, but as you pointed out it is broken at the moment. We do plan on fixing it as soon as possible, but we unfortunately have more urgent matters coming in the immediate month.

It has been logged as an explicit task tho, I will try to notify you in this thread when it gets fixed.


-- Arthur J, Frontend dev @ Sketchfab

(Archeologiedenhaag) #3

gee thanks a lot for the quick respond. It makes me allready happy, and a lot of other people too, to know its going to work one day! I hope its before november :slight_smile: Then we will have a big sketchfab-cardboard-rollout presentation